PRODUCT:  Pet Recovery – Hemp Oil

PRICE: $39.99 CND + 4.60 delivery CND


MY RATING: 5 Stars

This product has great reviews overall not just from me. It is THC free and just uses hemp extract, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to enhance your pets brain functions without causing psychoactive reactions.

It gave both of my cats a great coat and helped with Jemma’s first few months in her new home with stress and tension.

Fury has digestion issues and this seems to ease the uncomfortable sensations he has. He loves the taste of this product as well. And believe me this cat is PICKY!!!…..he turns away from wet food…WTH.

It was easy to administer being in a liquid form and taken orally……..I could never get the pill form down their throats . MEOW!!!YIKES


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