Product : N- Bone Get Naked Soft Treats for Furball Relief

Price: $66.00 CDN / per 6 pack + 6.90 for shipping CDN

Best Price: Amazon

My Rating: 5 Stars


It is excruciating for me as well as my kitties to listen to them trying to cough up a furball…..we can help them with this and ease their pain and ours.

These treats have helped my big baby Fury in a huge way. He is the groomer of not only himself but his kitty mate as well. And believe my those hairballs either come up painfully through him vomiting or the come out the other end ( and this is just as painful, as his poop is dry and hard)

These treats are only 3 calories ( as are most kitty treats ). But they contain real chicken and no wheat, or byproducts which we know are in the other kitty treats we are “Tempted” to buy…lol . They work by supporting a healthy digestive system from the inside out . They lubricate the system helping to promote passage out the back end.

My finicky feline Fury loves the taste of these which says a lot for the product!!!

These have great reviews not only from me but from a lot of  kitty owners. These are a favorite of mine.


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