The classic cat sound… This is specifically meant for humans!! Cats do not meow between each other. Usually the typical meow is just saying I want something…a belly rub, food, water, play time or maybe they are telling you get out of my favorite spot on that chair…lol.

But on occasion if the meow is a little more incessant, during specific times like eating or using the litter this could mean they are not feeling to well and maybe a vet visit is in order…..MEOW


Ahhhhh the sound of a cat purring..It just resonates calmness and is the number one thing that puts me to sleep all cuddled up with my kitty. If your cat looks happy, is relaxed, you are petting them or they are just lazing around belly up in some sunny or warm spot in the house, purring away….It’s safe to assume they are in their happiest place.

Although pay attention!!! Because this assumption needs to be made by not only the sound of the purr but the body language as well as cats also purr when they are nervous, it calms them.


We’ve all heard this sound before and it is not usually the sound off aggression but a reminder to back off. Cats make this sound to humans as well as other cats and animals when they are frightened or scared. Or sometimes they just are saying “your not doing it for me”

When a cat does hiss though, the best thing to do is just give them their space. No yelling or scolding should ever be done as this is an innate way of warning predators and can’t be helped.


The howl or yowl sounds like a meow that goes on forever!!! Like a long MEEEEOOOOWWWW…lol. It is usually in regard to a territory issue, mating issue or something that is not making them happy like and illness or discomfort.

Cats also use this sound between one another and I have personally heard it many times between my own to cats. They use it to call one another to play. It’s like “get down here and play with me right now”. And sometimes it’s for me to…..It’s an attention call and I must respond quickly!




Chatter is the noise I hear when my cat Jemma is at the window watching the birds and she chirps and faintly squeaks at them through the window while taking up her hunting stance. It’s the excitement that she feels seeing that bird on the other side of the window but also the anxiety of not being able to get it. Thanks but no thanks I don’t really want that gift on my porch!!



So knowing some sounds your cat makes and the meaning behind them will give you more insight into what they are trying to express to you.

This will help you to better serve them…as that is what having a cat is all about …isn’t it?…lol



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