Hi there my name is Deb welcome to my world..guess the first thing you should know is I am in love with cats!!!

I have rescued two of my own …

FURY- he’s my big black beauty who is the most intelligent, loving, awesome little buddy a girl could ask for. He’s the love of my life (don’t tell Mike my husband) and ever since we’ve had him he’s had minor issues . I worry about him constantly because I love him so much…. he’s my little man.

JEMMA– she’s my big tortoiseshell who was a real feral rescue. We brought her home put down the cage opened the door and Fury walked right in kissed her and they’ve been besties ever since. Although she befriended him very quickly it took six months under the dining room table, a day outside when she escaped and me crying with fear until she came back … that’s when we bonded as well….she’s my little girl.


I’m creating this space because I had and still have so many questions to ask and want to ensure that I do “ the right thing” for my fur babies so that they have the best quality of life. I want them to be healthy and think “ this is the best mommy in the world” lol…. all of our pets deserve this .. don’t you think?

I want to post personal knowledge as well as professional knowledge and links so that others who are as engaged as I am in giving their cats the best life will be able to find all the information they need.

Thanks for the visit,